AppTaxi, the mobility network

AppTaxi scrl is a network of businesses joined by the most radiotaxi operators in Italy.

The consortium was created with the goal of creating a new organizational mobility model in Italy, developing interconnections between various technologies to supply private and business customers a unique instrument for the access and use of city mobility services.

The consortium develops and promotes:

technological solutions and integrations
commercial and technological partnerships
commercial proposals
mobility solutions on the territory

AppTaxi, the application that revolutionizes the taxi world

The taxi drivers invest in innovation; it is now possible to request a taxi at zero cost via smartphone, anywhere in Italy, thanks to the application developed by our network

“Your taxi by smartphone.” This is the mission of appTaxi, the application that groups Italian taxis and that finally promises to answer the requirements of many consumers throughout the country: no more toll calls, no more communicating your location to the operator, no more payment problems.

AppTaxi allows reserving one a ride with the greatest simplicity, wherever you are; just pull out your smartphone, open the application, activate the gps and start the request, that it will be received from the closest operation centers belonging to the network.

With appTaxi, it is possible to specify the timetable of the trip, the number of places, the type of car, any pets with you, and the means of paying the driver. Soon, voucher management will also be available and in-app payment, convenient and immediate, through PayPal MasterCard.

Your reservation habits can be saved in preferences and all the activity is traced in the history of the application. For those who prefer to call for a ride the traditional way, appTaxi also allows you to contact the dispatcher via telephone or sms with a single tap.

Available for iOS and Android, appTaxi has more than 4045 regular taxi drivers as members through the registration of many operators in the sector. The numbers of the member installations and partners continue to grow: for those who doubt the sector’s capacity for renewal, appTaxi proves the opposite by being the definitive digital solution for all the consumers on the national territory.

The Apptaxi numbers:

Regular taxis

Certified Drivers


Enter the smartphones of million travelers!